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Are you looking for a unique space in Paris for an art exhibition or a pop-up store? The Ephemeral Gallery Le 18 du 19 is the perfect place to bring your creative projects to life!

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Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your work or products in a unique space in the heart of Paris. Contact us today to discuss your project and book your slot at The Ephemeral Gallery Le 18 du 19.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the gallery?

Rental rates for our gallery generally range from €120 to €300 per day, depending on the period and rental duration. Contact us for a personalized estimate

What services are included in the rental price?

Our basic rates include the use of the gallery space, standard lighting, and the furniture available on site. Additional services can be added according to your needs.

Do you offer discounted rates for long-term bookings?

Yes, we offer preferential rates for long-term bookings and recurring events. Contact us to learn more.

Why do rentals have minimum durations?

For exhibitions or events, there is often a need for time to set up and take down. A minimum rental period ensures that renters have enough time to prepare their exhibition or event, and to get the most out of it.




juil. 6, 2023

HI, I would like to thank Maëlle and Diana for their immence support to run our event successfully. Thank you Maëlle for your kind coopertaion. Best Regards


mai 15, 2023

Lieu très beau, très bien placé et des hôtes adorables.


janv. 12, 2023

Accueil parfait. Service au top. Disponibilité de la propriétaire de la galerie qui a su magnifié le lieu Nous vous recommandons cette galerie